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Is it necessary to retake the HSK test if you have HSK score



Since the release of the Chinese Proficiency Grading Standards for International Chinese Language Education, HSK level was adjusted from Level 6 to Level 9, many students are very concerned about the change of HSK test.


Today, let's do some answers about HSK!


How does the HSK exam overall change?


The existing HSK1-6 tests basically meet the needs of elementary and intermediate level tests for foreign Chinese learners. However, there is a lack of assessment tools for the advanced level of Chinese for foreign Chinese learners studying in China at the master's or doctoral level, studying Chinese as a major and studying Chinese overseas.


Therefore, HSK will first add HSK7-9 levels according to the Standard and maintain the stability of the existing six levels, forming a "three levels and nine levels" test level system. The current HSK1-6 levels will not be adjusted in the near future.


When is the HSK7-9 exam? How to test?


Many candidates thought it was the beginning of HSK adjustment when they saw the official implementation of the Standard on July 1, 2021. However, the scientific development of HSK levels 7-9 in accordance with the Standard requires a process. Currently, the test is scheduled to be held in December 2021 and the test will be officially launched in March 2022. HSK7-9 exams will be in the form of a "one-volume three-level", a single paper with grades based on results.


How will HSK test level 1-6 be changed?


The current HSK1-6 level will not be adjusted in the near future. The validity, content, reference vocabulary and format of the test will remain unchanged and will continue to be implemented stably.


The scores of candidates taking HSK1-6 are still valid, and the certificates they have obtained are still valid. Textbooks and courses written and developed according to HSK1-6 levels can still be used.


In the next 3-5 years, HSK1-6 levels will be adjusted gradually according to the Standard and the actual situation of Chinese learners in various countries. In general, the HSK1-6 levels will continue to adhere to the concept of "learner-centered", adhere to the principle of combining examination and teaching and gradual progress, and make appropriate adjustments within the scope stipulated in the Standard.



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